Language Tutoring

If you or your child is having trouble with a foreign language, Breaking Barriers Language Learning can help!

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What we offer

Breaking Barriers Language Learning offers language acquisition, year round tutoring at the middle school, high school, and college levels, summer remediation for failing grades, and summer tutoring for students looking to master previously learned vocabulary and grammar topics needed for the next level of learning.  I also offer study skills help for students that struggle with languages or are new to language learning.  This is especially difficult for students since language learning is cumulative and requires memorization skills and grammar application skills.  

Summer Program Information

I am familiar with many of the textbooks and programs that are used in various schools and have developed  programs that will review all of the material and give assessments to test their knowledge.  Parents love that this holds their children accountable for the work that we do together and allows them to see a “grade” for the summer work.

In Home Tutoring

As an added convenience to the client, we travel to you! We currently serve Bucks, Montgomery, and most surrounding counties- including Northeast Philadelphia. Please inquire to find out if your location is in range. Due to Covid-19, we will cater to the comfortability of the client and will wear masks at your request, although we have received the vaccine.

Virtual Tutoring

For anyone who prefers virtual tutoring due to the pandemic or location restrictions, we also provide tutoring services through Facetime or Google Meet.


Other languages available upon request!

Our Successes

Breaking Barriers Language Learning has been very successful at helping students go from failing grades to A’s and B’s.  The tutoring sessions also help to renew motivation and love of learning.  Students that were failing Spanish 1 have gone on to take 4 years of the language.  Another student even ended up majoring in Spanish in college!  For more success stories see our testimonials tab!